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Thanks for taking a few minutes to help us launch this great new tool.

My hope is that Praelude 20/20 will do two key things:
1. Provide such a convenient way for people to pray for me, my family and work that we end up with prayer going on around the clock throughout the week! Think how cool that will be. And. . .

2. Provide a simple, doable way for people to undergird that work financially.

Then, if this flies, I hope thousands of other cross-cultural workers will use it to quickly raise the prayer and financial resources they need. Along with the developers of Praelude, who are my friends, I pray that God will use this resource to speed the redemptive work he's doing on our planet.

To get started, simply click the "Pick a Prayer Window" button to the left and follow the prompts.

Since Praelude 20/20 is just beginning (You're in the beta 2.0 process!), I'd deeply appreciate your feedback. Email me your questions or thoughts at: shanedar@gmail.com

Thanks for helping test this and, should God lead you, being one of the first to link up with me in Praelude 20/20. I appreciate your partnership.

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