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Have you ever wanted to be a part of a movement so incredible, yet so simple, you literally found yourself scratching your head asking, ”How did we not do this before?”

One of the global recognitions in all of Christianity is our continuous need for fervent and effective prayer. We talk about it, yet most of us would admit that we find ourselves not being as effective “pray-ers” as we desire. We believe God can change the world through prayer, yet we don’t pray.

What if you knew specifically how to pray, when to pray, and you received direct feedback on the impact of your prayers? What if you could be part of a 24/7-prayer movement that is literally changing the world one prayer at a time? Would that motivate you to join with a multitude of others in changing our world through prayer and expanding the Kingdom?

I want to introduce you to Praelude and its 20/20 Initiative! Join others across the USA and the world in praying for Kingdom impact through covering workers and ministries in prayer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Praelude’s 20/20 Initiative invites you to commit in two specific ways.


Select a 20-minute window and commit to pray within that time slot weekly. You will be alerted electronically 10 minutes before your selected prayer window through the delivery method of your choosing (email, text message, Facebook, or twitter.)

You will receive 3 - 4 prayer requests to pray for during your 20-minute prayer time. On the web you will be able to view how God is specifically answering prayers. You will also be able to provide feedback about how you sensed God speaking to you concerning the requests.

Lastly, you will be connected intimately to the ministry through prayer as weekly requests, victories and struggles are shared.


The second half of the 20/20 Initiative is to commit to invest $20 a month to the ministry partner you are praying for. Your commitment will shape how our Father is working around the world through prayer and in its resourcing.

The Praelude 20/20 Initiative is you, changing the world, one prayer at a time; joining with those who have given their lives to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ where you perhaps have not been able to go. Pray 20! Give $20!

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