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In the last few months I've begun to wonder, sense, hope that the God may be moving in such a way that way we think about Muslims and Jesus might change radically. When I started in ministry, pretty much nobody thought much about Muslims. Well, except for Muslims. Presumably they thought of themselves. But things began to stir, then in a senseless feat of misappropriated zeal, a handful of bad Muslims raised the profile of all Muslims right around the globe. Post-911 more prayer, along with more fear, has been generated for Muslims than ever before.

But now, maybe God is beginning to answer those prayers, extending his love and grace to Muslims like never before. Hints, rumors, stories tentatively, hesitantly step forward. Here and there, Muslims are finding life in Jesus in unprecedented numbers. And now with my own eyes I'm seeing things I've only dreamed about as Muslims follow Jesus, tell friends of the life they've found, friends who in turn tell others, and so forth out to the fifth generation!

That I get to be even the smallest speck a part of this is a great gift. I want to share that gift with you. Several friends and I are giving all we have to offering words of life to Muslim immigrants and refugees in European cities. In these early days, we're seeing God work in ways that inspire us to press on with urgency and excitement. It's in that spirit that I ask you to help me develop a 24/7 prayer covering. I long for my efforts to be expended under the distinct anointing of God. I also invite you to couple your prayer with a small monthly gift. Combined, your efforts will empower and equip me to work for all I'm worth in this great thing God is doing in our day. Thank you.

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