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Week of 7/11 Requests

"I will proclaim the decree of the Lord: He said to me, "You are my son; today I have become your father. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession." Psalm 2:7-8 Join with us in 2020, as we together, ask the Lord to make the nations our inheritance for his glory.

We pray for you, that Father will be a hedge of protection around you and will be your vanguard, your rear guard and protection for your flanks. Be blessed dear brothers and sisters.

"Is. 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

[Sandy and I would love to hear from you. For those of you who are Praelude 2020 partners, at the bottom of your Praelude 20/20 email or text there is a response button. Just press that button to share with us how you are doing and how we can pray for you.. Also, please remember to press the URL on your Smartphone or the URL at the bottom of your email message. This lets us know that you indeed are praying with us.]

"I must awake to my dangerous state, and never be at rest till I have made my peace with God. My heart is so hard, my blindness so great, that I cannot get a due hatred of sin, though I see I am all corrupt, and blinded to the perception of spiritual things." Wilberforce

My verse for 2020... John 6:63 “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.”

"Does praise seem too small a reason to have been born?" Calvin Miller

“Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” ― C.S. Lewis

My encouragement to you this week as you learn to navigate the new realities in our world is 2 Thess 5:9-10 God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us so that whether we are awake or asleep we might live with him.

Prayer Requests for Week 7/11

1. (Father opened up a new opportunity to our team this week as Amir was walking through the Moria camp. He came across a Congolese man who was reading his Bible. Amir stopped and asked him what he was reading. After telling Amir it was the Bible, Amir asked him a simple question. Are you reading the Bible for yourself, or are you reading so that you can pass it along to your people? He didn't quite understand, so Amir asked him how many Africans there were in the Moria camp? He told him that there are around 7,000. Amir said to him, "If you like, I will teach you how to teach others about the Bible." The young man said, "I would like that.”) -We will set out to discover which African people groups are on the island of Lesbos, and to find Bibles in their languages. Pray for Amir, as God has given him a heart for ALL the nations. Pray that he can see how to lead many Africans to Christ. Amir believes that these people are key to reaching many other refugees with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that God will provide Bibles along with many humble hearts to share the Good News cross-culturally.

2. Please pray for Amir and Ella. As Ella was about to enter into the second trimester of her pregnancy, it was discovered in an ultrasound that their baby had no heartbeat. Please pray for comfort and peace as they mourn this great loss. Pray for us as we morn with them. We were all set to share happy news with you this week, instead of sad.

3. Please pray with Sandy and me as we embark on a new phase of the Last Reached Initiative, the mobilization phase. Our team is coming together. Soon we will have several others who will be working alongside us to make sure things are coordinated well. We have a simple strategy, “Pray, therefore, that the Lord of the harvest will raise up laborers into His field, for the fields are white for harvest." We are believing that this initiative is His, and that He has some very specific people in mind from across the world to be a part of his work.

Prayer Requests for Week 7/4

1. Amir is in Lesbos, Greece this week. This will be a fast-paced week for him and the team, as they will be holding discipleship sessions and outreaches daily. Worship will take place in the Peace House, along with serving and sharing the Gospel in and around the 25,000 people Moria Camp. The last time we had this kind of focus, over 200 Muslims came to faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for an abundant witness and harvest. Pray also for protection for our team and the new believers.

2. Please pray with us for Ella, as she so wants to be in Lesbos with Amir, but cannot travel there due to some health issues. Pray for joy and peace for her as she serves the Lord in Germany during this week away from Amir.

3. Thank the Lord with us as we were able to be with our daughters and their families over the holidays. There are fewer greater joys in my life than being together with our children and grandchildren.

4. Would you continue to join Sandy and me in this simple prayer? “Therefore, ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into HIS harvest." (Matthew 9:38) The Last Reached Initiative is moving into the mobilization phase. We are believing that Father will send out 1,000 millennials for 1,000 days into a harvest that He has already prepared.

5. Please continue to pray for me throughout this season of grieving. Pray that I will rejoice in the reality that Mom is with Jesus and that we will be reunited one day.

Prayer Requests for Week 6/27

Thank the Lord with us for the 383 consecutive weeks of prayer requests. That is 7.35 years without missing a single week of updating our prayer requests. I cannot tell you how much your prayers have made a difference in our lives and in the lives of thousands of Muslims. Their eternal destiny has been changed through your prayers. This is no small thing. It is important for all of us to recognize and celebrate this together!

1. Please pray with Sandy and me as we bring Mom's affairs to a close. Pray that everything will go smoothly and will be accomplished without complexities.

2. Please pray with us that the little house where Mom lived will be sold quickly. It is in my name, therefore selling it soon would help us financially.

3. Please pray for Amir and Ella as Amir travels to Lesbos again to start the Shelter project at the Moria Refugee Camp. The Church on the Road team, which is made up mostly of refugees, will begin to build 500 shelters for new arrivals, now that the camp has reopened. Ella will join Amir in Greece soon.

4. Please pray with us for the Last Reached Initiative. I will be jumping back into the saddle this week as we begin our mobilization phase of 1,000 millennials. I am excited for what the Father has in store for us. Please join me in this prayer. as it is our only strategy. "Therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into HIS harvest." (Matthew 9:38) Please pray that simple prayer with us.

5. Please pray for Sandy and me this week as we continue to grieve the loss of Mom. We know that she is in a glorious place, but still my heart hurts deeply.

6. Sandy's dad (85) had heart surgery this week. In fact, it was on the same day as my mom's funeral. The surgery was successful. We are so grateful. Please pray for a full recovery for him. Pray for peace and encouragement for him, and that he can play golf again soon!

Prayer Requests for Week 6/20

1. I am writing this week's prayer requests as I sit next to my mother's bed. She has lived for 81 years. She comes from a tiny town in Alaska. She spent several years in an orphanage, then married my dad at age 17. She has raised 4 children, myself and three sisters. She has had a difficult, but good life. She knows Jesus as her Savior. If she lives another 24 hours I will be surprised. My heart feels as heavy as I can ever remember it feeling. I know her eternal destiny is secure in Christ. My sisters, however, will experience deep pain at her passing. I will hurt as well but I am really concerned about them. Please pray for my sisters and my aunt. There is a lot of tension as each is dealing with their own pain. Pray that I will handle all the arrangements carefully and that there will be unity around the decisions that we need to make. I am sure that one of my sisters will disagree with some of the decisions that need to be made. Please pray that I will be a man of peace and that I will honor Christ in all the decisions that need to be made, as well as how they are made.

2. Please pray for Amir and Ella this week as he heads back to Lesbos, Greece, and as Ella remains in Germany. Pray that Amir will be able to accomplish all the important things he needs to do concerning the Peace House and the Shelter project. Pray that many will come to faith in Christ and that many will follow in faithful discipleship.

3. Pray that as Amir has finished his requirements for citizenship that all will come together quickly and without hiccups for him to get his new German citizenship and passport. He is so excited about being a German citizen.

4. Please pray for our new Last Reached Initiative operations team. It is coming together, but as we enter these next few weeks we will all be going through significant transitions. Please pray that as we transition, that we will be able to see this new initiative take off like a rocket and move into this next phase with the energy of Christ.

Prayer Requests for Week 6/13

1. Praise the Lord with us! Amir is being allowed to take the German B-1 Test next Saturday. This language test is mandatory for his German citizenship. Due to the coronavirus, all tests had been suspended. Passing this test is his last benchmark for becoming a full German citizen. Pray with us this week for a clear mind, knowledge, and wisdom to pass this test.

2. Pray for Amir as he is scheduled to return to Lesbos, Greece on the 21st. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that he will be able to travel. Pray also for the finishing touches on the "Peace House." The painting should be completed this week. Pray for Abbas and Mejid as they lead this work.

3. Please continue praying for my mom, Beverly. Her health is declining daily. We believe that her time to go be with our Jesus will be soon.

4. We need to continue to pray for our country. Let's be careful not to permit the actions of a radical few to distract us from praying for the change that is so needed in our nation, as well as in us individually. If we ever needed the Lord to rescue us, it is now.

5. Please pray with us that the Lord of the harvest will raise up 1,000 laborers to go to the "Last Reached" peoples, for a thousand days. Pray that Father will send those whose hearts are attentive to His, and are in harmony with His heart to see a people from every tribe and tongue fall on their faces before their Father King, and worship Him forever.

Prayer Requests for Week 6/6

1. Please pray for our daughter, Tiffany, and her new husband, Stephen as they begin married life together this weekend! Pray as they blend two families, that Father will help them to become one family with joy and purpose. Pray for God’s blessing on their marriage, for protection from the enemy and for their four children, Oliver, Oceana, Oakley, and Mychael.

2. Please pray with Sandy and me as we travel to Tennessee to spend the week with my mom, who was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. Pray for a sweet time of fellowship for us. My three sisters, Kathy, Donna, and Lori will be there much of the time as well. Sadly, there is some tension between them, and I will be depended upon to be the peacemaker. Pray that I will have the mind of Christ as I defuse situations. Pray that I will speak the truth in love. Pray for peace, especially for my mom. Thank you.

3. Please pray for me as we are in Tennessee this week. I plan to meet with a couple of pastors concerning, The Last Reached Initiative. Pray that our hearts will be united around a common vision of serving 1,000 millennials as they travel to the “last-reached" peoples, to display the greatness of our God for 1,000 days.

4. Please, also pray with me as I will be talking this week with our Indian partners about mobilizing Indian millennials to join the teams we will be sending in and around South Asia. I am greatly excited as I believe that the Lord is raising up a truly international/cross-cultural initiative.

5. Please pray that Sandy will rest this week. With all that is happening within our family, traveling, and being alongside me in a possibly tense situation…sleeping well could be a challenge. Pray that she will sleep well this week. Thank you.

Prayer Requests for Week 5/30

1. Please pray for my mom and our family. Mom has been diagnosed with liver cancer. She is not strong enough for surgery. The doctors have indicated that the treatment will mainly be to make her comfortable. I know that our healer, God is able to help her. Thank you for praying with us. We are trusting Father to do His will.

2. The work on the Peace House is about completed. Praise the Lord with us! The Peace House is a place of refuge, for refugees who have found their refuge in Christ. It is a discipleship center for those who simply do not have a place to rest. It will serve as a base for training and "sending out," as well as a house of prayer.

3. Please continue to pray with Sandy and me as we keep moving forward in order to build a new part of our ministry, the "Last Reached Initiative." This involves mobilizing 1,000 millennials to the "last" reached peoples for 1,000 days. Our operational team is beginning to take shape and several pastors are beginning to catch the vision and come on board. Pray that we will hear Father speak each step of the way and that we will not run ahead or get behind. Pray that we will listen closely and act in faith with courage and wisdom.

Prayer Requests for Week 5/23

1. Please pray with Sandy and me as we continue to unfold the Last Reached Initiative. Please ask the Lord to send forth 1,000 millennial laborers for 1,000 days, to the people who are considered the "last ones" to be reached with the Gospel. Much prayer is needed, as there are many moving parts. I am watching as Father is beginning to bring them together. This seems like the largest initiative Father has given me so far. I need your prayers for wisdom, strength, humility, listening ears and courage.

2. Please pray for our friend and dear brother, Dr. Z. Taylor as he is struggling with COVID-19 right now. Pray for complete healing for him and for protection for his family.

3. Would you pray with us for Basha and Lana, our dear brother and sister from Iran? Pray that Father will build a mighty fortress around their marriage.

4. Please pray for the tax advisor for Church on the Road. We are submitting all the tax documents this week. Pray that all the paperwork will be completed well. Please pray that God will open the door for Amir and Ella to return to Lesbos, in His time and way. Please, also pray that our brothers are able to resume working on the "Peace House" in Lesbos, that they can finish the rest of the renovations.

Prayer Requests for Week 5/16

1. The Last Reached Initiative is ready to launch! I have been praying, and seeking counsel. I've been hearing particularly from millennials, as well as listening to the Lord in my spirit. In a nutshell, I am trusting Father to send out 1,000 millennials, for 1,000 days, to evangelize, disciple, and start churches among the "last-reached." The ones sent will be from the USA and from around the world. Pray with us that the Lord of the Harvest will raise up these 1,000 laborers.

2. Please pray for Sandy's mother. She is recovering from Congestive Heart Failure and is very weak. Pray that the Lord will heal her. Please, also pray for Sandy and me as we seek to understand how best to assist her. My mother has been moved from a hospital to a rehab center. Please ask God to heal her and to help her to feel His Presence.

3. Please pray with me for our Christian sisters in many Muslim lands, such as Nigeria and Pakistan. There are many who are being kidnapped, raped, and forced into marriages with Muslim men. I spoke with Amir this morning and he confirmed that in Pakistan, this is a serious problem. Pray for the protection of these dear sisters and for this evil to stop. The logic of this is unfathomable to me. It is only wickedness.

4. Please thank the Lord with us, as Amir and Ella had a successful meeting with their new tax advisor this week. As a result, the financial accountability to the German government concerning Church on the Road should be acceptable. This will enable them to move forward with their work. Please pray that the final details will be completed soon and that COTR will "pass the test" with the government. Please pray for continued favor for COTR and with the current tax advisor.

5. Please pray for Bashar and Lana. We are so grateful to hear that someone has made a wonderful offer to provide their salary for the next year. This is a huge answer to prayer! It will allow Bashar to continue with his discipleship work among Iranians and Afghans, full-time.

Prayer Requests for Week 5/9

1. Please continue to pray with us for Amir and Ella as they travel back to Lesbos very soon. Pray that all their arrangements will be made smoothly; and that the renovations for the Peace House will be finished in God's timing. Please ask that we will be able to secure all the materials to build 500 tents for the newly arrived refugees. Pray that all will be received with thankfulness and grace.

2. Please pray with us as we meet with new friends this week, a brother and sister who are praying about joining us as Operations Coordinators for the LastReached Initiative. They have 11 years of missionary experience, as well as 4 years of being part of a church staff. Please pray for God's will and timing as we decide together about them joining us in our work.

3. Please pray for Rob and Heather as they have agreed to serve as the leaders of our IT working group for the LastReached Initiative. As you can imagine the effort to coordinate the activities of thousands of people all across the USA, Latin America and Asia is mammoth. The Lord has gifted Rob for such a day as this!

4. Please pray for my Mom, Beverly. She was rushed to the hospital this past week in an almost coma-like state. She had lost a serious amount of blood. She was then transferred to Baptist East Hospital in Memphis. She is stable now. They will probably send her to a center for extended rehab this week. Please pray with us that she will receive all the care she needs, and that she will recover fully from her infection. Please also ask that she feel the Lord's Presence while she is alone in the hospital and rehab center.

5. Please continue to pray with us during this "lock-down" season. How I long to be back with our young disciples as we begin implementation of the LastReached Initiative! Long-story-short? Sandy and I are experiencing a bit of "cabin fever." Pray that we will prove faithful in all our days here.
Prayer Requests for Week 5/2

1. Please pray for Amir and Ella this week as they are hoping to finish their Church on the Road tax documents and get tickets to return to Lesbos. There are many refugees continuing to arrive on the Island of Lesbos. It is turning into a critical humanitarian crisis. I spoke with Amir today and he told me that his greatest joy was to be able to relieve some of their sufferings while continuing to keep Christ at the center of everything they do. We believe that many will come to Christ through the work of the COTR team in Lesbos as well as through the new disciples who have come to know Christ since the first of February. Pray that Amir and Ella would be able to return as soon as next week.

2. Please pray for our brothers in Frankfurt this week. Pray for their safety. This week they were lured into a trap by a Mullah who tried desperately to get Bashar's address and contacts. Obtaining his telephone number, the young mullah tried to convince him that he was a seeker and that he wanted to meet with Bashar alone. He betrayed himself by speaking broken Persian and insisting that he know who the other Muslim converts were and where they got their Bibles. Bashar told him he would continue his conversation with him by phone, but that he is not comfortable meeting right now. Please pray for the Church on the Road's safety in Germany.

3. Please pray for our COTR disciples in Lesbos. They are finishing up the work on the Peace House, which will soon house many new refugees. Pray for a passionate desire to share the love of Jesus Christ with these new refugees and please pray for their salvation.

4. Please pray for Sandy and me this week as we continue with the initial launching of the Last Reached Initiative. This initiative has the potential to reach millions of people as we engage the last reached peoples of the earth. I can't remember when I was as excited about an initiative as this one. Pray that the Lord would raise up laborers.

Prayer Requests for Week 4/25

1. Please pray for Amir and Ella this week. They are being delayed from returning to Lesbos to continue with our outreach there because of tax issues with the Church on the Road accounts. A previous tax advisor lost receipts and is not being very helpful. We are all thankful that they now have a new tax advisor who is helpful, but there is much work/red tape to sort through. This is a burden to them. Please pray that they will resolve all the issues with last year's taxes so that they can focus on their main mission. Pray that all matters will be resolved this week.

2. Please praise the Lord with us for all those who have contributed to funding so that we can finish the renovations of The Peace House and to be able to build 500 tents for incoming refugees in Lesbos. The Lord is bringing many refugees to this tiny Island to discover his love and salvation through Jesus Christ.

3. Please continue to pray for Sandy and me as we have unofficially launched a new initiative called, "The Last Reached Initiative." In a nutshell, God is envisioning us to call out 1,000 millennials to the "last reached" peoples for 1,000 days. The pieces for this being able to happen are coming along nicely. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will raise up laborers to join us in this endeavor. If you want to hear more, please contact me and I will gladly share with you the details of what I believe Father is saying to us.

4. Please pray with us this week for the people of Turkey. Like India, their leadership is making broad sweeping decisions that impact the lives of millions, leaving the impoverished and vulnerable in a terrible state. Pray that the Lord will have mercy on them and rescue them from the hands of unscrupulous men.

5. Praise the Lord with us as Sandy sent the first draft of her first book off to our daughter, Summer for design and formatting. Pray that this work of passion will draw many people to a deeper walk with Christ.

Prayer Requests for Week 4/18

1. For the sick and infected with COVID-19: God, heal and help. Sustain bodies and spirits. Contain the spread of infection.

2. For our vulnerable populations: God, protect our elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases. Provide for the poor, especially the uninsured.

3. Pray for Sandy's mother. She is still recovering from a fall that happened about 3 weeks ago. Please pray for healing in every way. Thank you.

4. Please pray for Amir and Ella as they are seeking God's mind on whether and/or when they should go back to Lesbos. Getting there will be one problem; secondly, a COVID-19 outbreak could easily occur on the island. There are great risks involved, but also very many needs. Ask Father to give them clarity and wisdom.

5. Pray for Sandy as she finishes her first book very soon. She is praying now about how to publish it. This is a first for her. I believe that God will bless many through her writing. Please pray for God's directions in her next steps.

Prayer Requests for Week 4/11

1. Father has blessed Sandy and me richly this week. We both feel like we are getting into a "quarantine rhythm." We are working, exercising, writing, reading and spending lots of time on video calls with the dear ones we disciple. We have begun a new initiative as well! Thank you for praying for us. Please pray that we will "be still" during these days so that we can hear Father speaking clearly to us. This is a great time of "reset" in our lives. We sense Him stirring in our hearts.

2. Please pray for Amir and Ella as they make decisions about when to return to Greece, as well as how to proceed with ministry there. Ask for wisdom and direction, please. The Church on the Road Team has been asked by the governor of Lesbos to provide quarantine/living space in the "Peace House," for 30-50 newly arrived refugees. We have agreed to help them, but this will entail some costs. We are trusting the Lord for all provisions. Thank you for praying.

3. The Church on the Road team has also been asked to help build 500 tents for the newcomers on Lesbos. It will cost about 50 Euros per tent to build them. The Lord is providing in beautiful ways. We need about $27,000. The Lord has given us $20,000 by commitment so far. If you or your church would like to help us close that $7,000 gap, please contact me. The tents will be built by nearly 50 of the new disciples that have already come to faith in Christ, all former Muslims. This is a beautiful picture of how God is working by providing the laborers from the harvest.

4. Let's pray together for the people in Pakistan. They continue to downplay the impact of the coronavirus. There is very little testing and no social distancing. The people will suffer greatly, especially as many are health compromised anyway. Pray that the Lord will use this pandemic to stir the hearts of people and that they will see that there is hope and that it is only found in Jesus Christ.

5. Pray for our sister, Linda in Lesbos. She continues to wait out the quarantine conditions. Pray for joy and comfort for her during this season of solitude.

Prayer Requests for Week 4/4

1. Please pray for our grandchildren here in South Carolina. They have just begun an extended stay with their dad, over what is supposed to be thier Spring Break. He continues to be emotinoal unstable and the kids often come home anxious and hurt after being with him. This is a nine-day stint for them. Please pray for healing for the kid's father and that he will treat them lovingly and respectfully, that the kids will enjoy their time with him and not be anxious. Please pray for their overall health. Thank you.

2. Please pray for Sandy and me as we engage in a new initiative this week. It's called, The Last Reached Initiatve. The Lord has been laying some wonderful things on my heart about what He is doing and how He desires us to be part of it. I would be happy to share the vision with you if you're interested, as well as where we are in the process. Just let me know. Pray that I will continue to hear the Lord as He brings the pieces and the people together. This is going to be amazing!

3. Let's pray together this week for all the refugees who are stuck in limbo during this global coronavirus pandemic. I plan to write about them this week in "More than Meets the Eye." Imagine being trapped in a situation such as this one where you don't speak the language; you have no money; you can't leave the refugee camp and you have no medical care if you or your loved ones get sick. These are really desperate times for these dear people.

4. Please pray with us for the Church on the Road team. They are all engaged in online Bible studies, discipleship training and prayer groups. The number of groups is in the dozens. Father is blessing them so richly. They live in such confusion. I have been so amazed at how they find great joy in knowing Christ Jesus, not in knowing that their circumstances will work out. Working with them has so strengthened my faith. Pray for their protection and continued faithfulness.

Prayer Requests for Week 3/28

1. We are so delighted and grateful that after many months of waiting, Amir received a visa that allows him to travel to the States! We rejoice with him and Ella that once the coronavirus is under control they will be free to travel together to visit us. He told me recently that he wanted so much to have this visa in hand in case something happened to me. I am so grateful for the concern, but I hope he doesn't have an inside scoop to something I don't.

2. What can I say that hasn't already been said about the impact of the coronavirus? Let's pray for one another. Send me your requests. I would be honored to pray for you. Please pray for Sandy and me. We are being faithful to social distancing, while we continue to work and minister with every resource we have available. Pray that Father will multiply the work and use us however He desires. These are exciting days to be alive!

3. Please pray for the people of Iran, many of whom are brothers and sisters who are suffering from a disease that they simply do not understand and the Iranian government is not helping them. This has the potential to set the stage for a regime change there. Let's pray together that Father will affect a change of power there, one that will allow the people to worship openly and one who cares for the people.

4. Please pray with us for the Peace House in Lesbos. Our disciples there are continuing to do the renovation work. We are setting the stage for a full-blown effort as soon as the quarantine order is lifted. The Peace House is our discipleship center where we will train new disciples and then send them out for ministry from there.

5. Please pray that God will provide very soon a tax advisor to help us manage the finances for Church on the Road in Germany. This is one of the biggest needs COTR has currently.

6. We've just learned that one of our dear German friends and co-worker in getting the Gospel to the refugees has the coronavirus. She (Carola) is in the hospital and not doing well. Please pray that she receives very good care and for healing soon! Pray for wisdom and encouragement for her husband. Carola is 63.

Prayer Requests for Week 3/21

1. Please pray for Amir and Ella; they have been quarantined for two weeks in Germany with Ella's family, as one of Ella's sisters tested positive for COVID-19. They had been together with her at a family gathering. Pray for them as they stay sequestered from the public for another 12 days. Amir has decided to use this time to better his German. Most of Ella's family does not speak English or Urdu well. Amir is also learning to play the piano during this time. He told me that he did not want this time to go to waste. In addition, he spends hours online discipling new believers.

2. Each of our young disciples has started online discipleship groups. Pray that as they spend time daily with these new believers that they will see deep growth and trust in Jesus.

3. Pray with us for the several Praelude Prayer Groups that we have started and will start soon. If there was ever a time to pray it is now. I have begun a prayer group specifically to pray for the Coronavirus pandemic. We are starting other groups for Church on the Road, Iran, Afghanistan and refugees in Lesbos. Pray that those who desire to attend will join in and that Father will use us to change the world.

4. Let's pray together for our church leaders, that they will hear our Father well and have courage and conviction from the Holy Spirit. Our church leaders will not win in this, except by following the Lord. If meetings are suspended, many will complain that they have sold out to fear. If they continue to meet, many will complain that they are acting socially unresponsible. Let's pray that they will be encouraged, not disheartened throughout this season.

5. Praise the Lord with us that Sandy has been sleeping well this past week.

Prayer Requests for Week 3/14

1. Concerning the global COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, (sounds scary just saying it) I am reminded that none of this is taking our Father by surprise. He remains firmly on His throne. Ours is to do what we believe is necessary to prepare and to trust Father to do all else. That will be my shoreline throughout this entire affair. Let's pray that we will know what God wants us to do and that we will rise to the challenge of whatever His desires are for us for the future. Pray that we will love one another more than ourselves during these days.

2. One blessing from this global pandemic is that when the rumors of the Coronavirus were making their way into the refugee camps in Greece, the neo-nazi gangs immediately scattered back to their homes, and the burnings, beatings, and murders stopped immediately. There is still so much uncertainty as to how much of the virus is present in the camps, but for now, we can praise the Lord for the cessation of violence. Pray with me that the Coronavirus will not spread throughout the camps. It is a fertile nesting ground for this kind of outbreak.

3. Our young disciples are finishing work on renovating the Peace House, the discipleship center we are building on Lesbos island, Greece. The Peace House will be a refuge for new believers, where each morning they will study God's Word, pray and share their testimonies together as they prepare to make their way into Europe. It will also be a place where young disciples will be able to get a hot meal each day, take a shower and wash their clothes. Please pray for them as they finish up the renovation work and that there will be no mischief or destruction to that place. Pray for God's hand of protection on it.

4. Please pray for peace and encouragement for Linda as she has evacuated Lesvos for the time being and is currently working in Athens as she awaits clearance to go back to Lesvos.

5. Please pray for Sandy that she will sleep very well each night.

Prayer Requests for Week 3/7

1. The Coronavirus is on a lot of people's minds these days. Let's pray for one another that we will not be ruled by fear, but that our hearts will be guided by love. Let's pray that Father will provide a solution for this virus soon, that many lives will be spared, and that He will receive the glory.

2. Please thank the Lord with us for how Father works all things for his glory and for the good of his children. When it became quite clear that Amir and Ella should not return to Greece for a few weeks due to the riots and many workers not being allowed to go near the refugees, Amir decided to get back into German language school to finish preparing for the test he needs to take in order to get his German citizenship. He was able to get into a private course the very next day! Please pray that he will pass that test as it will open many doors for him to minister in so many places.

3. Please pray for my friend here in Germany, Baron Carl von Lerchenfeld. He has a severe case of kidney stones and is in a lot of pain. He is scheduled for surgery this week. He is a delightful brother with such a passionate heart for the salvation of his country. Please join us as we pray for his complete recovery.

4. Please pray with us for the host of refugees stuck on the border between Turkey and Greece. They are being used as a weapon by several governments right now, when all they really want is to find a place where they can live in peace. Pray that our Father will bring them deliverance soon.

5. Please pray for our dear friend, C.S. She will have her thyroid removed next month. Pray for no cancer and for complete healing, also that Father will comfort her and give her great peace throughout the waiting and recovery process.

6. Please pray for me (David) as I travel back from Germnay tomorrow (Sunday), for safety, good health and a smooth transition back.

Prayer Requests for Week 2/29

1. Many people are concerned about the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Many ideas are bouncing around about how dangerous it is, how wide-spread it will be and how it will impact our lives. Let's pray that together we will see God's hand at work and that no matter what the situation is, we will be salt and light in the midst of these fears, either real or imagined. Through Jesus, we know there is comfort and compassion. Pray for those around the world who are struggling with the virus and for each other that we might be spared the illness.

2. Please pray for Sandy and me as we will be apart this week. Pray that Sandy will get some serious writing accomplished and that she will have loads of energy and sleep well. Pray for me that I will be able to encourage Amir and Ella as well as our entire COTR team in Frankfurt. Pray for good health and safety for both of us. We rely completely upon our Father's good favor for our very being.

3. Please pray for Sandy's dad as he recovers from a serious heart attack. Pray that his heart, both physically and spiritually will be made completely whole.

4. Please continue to pray with us for God's provision for the Peace House Discipleship Center in Lesbos. This is a strategic under-taking on our part to train and encourage new disciples who have not only made their way to the shores of Europe but have also discovered Christ's love for them along the way. Pray that each of these new disciples will grow in their faith in Christ and that they will be safe along their journey. Already we have had several beaten severely, knifed and almost killed for following Jesus.

Prayer Requests for Week 2/22

1. Please join us in prayer for what Father is doing in the life of Emmanuel. Pray specifically for reconciliation between him and his wife. Pray that together, they will recommit their lives to Christ and to His purposes.

2. Pray with us for Amir and Ella as they are being hit extremely hard with the emotional reality of the pain and suffering among the people they are serving. They are joining in on so much hurt and sorrow every single day that it is wearing on them deeply. I will see them soon and hope to minister to them. Pray that Father will guard their hearts and their minds in Christ.

3. Please pray with us for the Arain Muslim peoples in Pakistan. There are about 11.2 million of them with no Gospel witness. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send out laborers for this unengaged people group with no known believers among them.

4. Will you thank the Lord with us for all the ways he has provided for us as we have re-located our base of ministry to Greenville, SC. We are moved into our new house almost completely. We have been able to see Tiffany and the grandkids a lot. They are so thankful we are here as are we. Thank the Lord with us!

5. Will you pray with Sandy and me as we weigh the most strategic things that Father has appointed for us? Pray that we will listen closely, abide in Him to hear His voice and then walk in radical immediate obedience.

Prayer Requests for Week 2/15

1. I will meet with Emmanuel again this week. Pray for continued favor with him and that Father will allow me to really minister to him during this season of his life. Pray that Emmanuel will be reunited with his wife soon.

2. Please pray with me for the Shaikh people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They number close to 200 million with little to no Gospel witness among them. Pray that the Lord will raise up champions for this people group as they, as an entire people, live in complete darkness.

3. Please pray with us for my brother-in-law, J. He's in his 60's and has just lost his job this week. Pray that he will turn to the Lord and trust Him for another job and that he will not get discouraged. Pray that he finds a new job soon.

4. Please pray for Amir and Ella this week as they continue to serve the Lord among the refugees in Lesbos, Greece. Pray that they will have supernatural strength and wisdom as they are in the camps day in and day out. Pray that Father will protect them from those who seek to do hateful things to them. Some have recognized Amir now as the "apostate Imam" who betrayed their religion.

5. Please continue to pray for Sandy's mother and mine, as this is the second week that we are away from them. So far they seem to be doing well, but we need your prayers that they will live healthy and worthwhile lives.

Prayer Requests for Week 2/8

1. Please pray for our Church on the Road team as they continue to regroup since they were attacked last week. It has shaken them up, but the Lord is creating beautiful reconciliation and forgiveness in the midst of the situation. Pray for people because God often uses these kinds of events to soften people's hearts to the truth and the grace of the Gospel.

2. Please pray for Manar and his COTR team in Strasburg France. They have seen many Muslims come to faith in Jesus over the past few months and the weight of responsibility of discipling and leading all these people has been heavy. Please pray that Manar will walk mightily in the Spirit of God and that the Lord will bring others alongside him to support him.

3. Please pray for my breakfast meeting on Tuesday with a man named, Elijah Emmanuel. Pray that Father will knit our hearts together and that Emanuel will discover the purpose for which he was created. Praelude partners: see answers to prayers this week to read about him. I love discipling young men. This will be an answer to my hearts desire if it becomes so.

4. Please pray for Sandy and me this week as we get more unpacked and settled in Greenville. Pray that both of us will get back into our writing and that we will minister to others well.

5. Please pray for Ella as she has been sick all week in Greece. Pray for her complete healing and for encouragement for both her and Amir.

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